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About Communitor+


About Us & Our Goals

Communitor+ represents the evolved version of the Community of Practice initially established as Communitor in 2021. The primary goal was to bring together diverse stakeholders interested in community-based monitoring and citizen science.

Over the past two years, our endeavors have encompassed the organization of numerous events, facilitation of collaborative projects, and the provision of a platform for knowledge sharing. However, crucial lessons have steered our evolution, revealing that our content extends beyond the original focus areas to cover topics related to inclusivity and Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E).

Recognizing the growing significance of inclusivity in M&E, Communitor+ naturally expands its domain. In recent decades, inclusivity has become paramount for M&E, aiming to involve the public in providing feedback, enhancing accountability, and improving public policy. The shift towards inclusive M&E practices seeks to generate evidence that benefits society and empowers professionals to address complex challenges.

Efforts to make M&E more inclusive encounter challenges such as participant engagement, data quality, financing, and sustainability. Communitor+ aims to assist its members in overcoming these challenges by fostering knowledge exchange and regular interactions among individuals and organizations dedicated to making M&E more inclusive and responsive.

Simultaneously, we acknowledge the pivotal role of already established connections in shaping a robust Community of Practice. In line with this understanding, we broaden our community by extending invitations to SEO and IOB alumni. Given the substantial overlap in membership and existing relationships among members of Communitor, IOB alumni, and SEO, we seek to leverage these connections to fortify our community further. This strategic collaboration aims to capitalize on the shared interests and experiences within these networks, fostering a stronger and more interconnected community.

Similar to its predecessor, Communitor+, aspires to unite stakeholders with a common interest in M&E, building long-term partnerships among academia, civil society organizations, and practitioners. Through the creation of a knowledge-sharing network, Communitor+ seeks to enhance communication, collaboration, co-creation, and commitment within the M&E community.

Our objectives:







Communitor+ invites researchers, academia, citizen scientists, civil society organizations, practitioners, and students affiliated with IOB, SEO, and Communitor, who share a common interest in inclusive M&E, to join our community.

Communication by sharing expertise and knowledge from around the world and bolster a rapid
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